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Fortune S.r.l.
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Our production is basically oriented in manufacturing stainless steel made according to precise constructive criteria able to guarantee a high quality standard. Our products are qualified to be marketed both in Italy and abroad through the use of appropriate equipment and specialized workers who ensure a punctual and reliable service.
Our main production lines are:
in which after the stage prior to follow the design phases of construction of modular components and related support structures for the full realization of operating rooms prefabricated self. This system allows you to tailor the information to all the available space as necessary both to design new buildings for renovation or expansion. The benefits seen in our system are guaranteed high flexibility demonstrated, the optimization of costs in relation to the results obtained and by reducing the execution time as the prefabricated modules allow quick and easy mounting of operating rooms in any size you want.
which includes the lines of goods made according to our specifications constructive and listed in our catalog will be available on request.
which includes the product lines tailored feasible and specification of the client including:
For Operating Theatres Departments :
  • Scrub-up
  • Technical walls equipped
  • Window latch
  • Automatic doors
For sterilization Department:
  • Tables packaging
  • Washing benches
  • Stainless steel shelving
For Hospital Department:
  • Block kitchen stainless steel
  • Trolleys
For naval medical areas
  • Achievements “turnkey” of infirmaries and departments for first aid
For mobile units:
  • Setting up for vehicles intended for civil protection, military purposes and emergency, Assembly installation and testing, Logistical visits, Preparing your program works, Sending personnel
  • Coordination of fixtures with existing structures
  • Testing
The Company FORTUNE S.r.l. plans and builds modular elements and the relative structures of support for the realization of operating theatres.  Such  system permits to adapt the elements in any kind of space conditions and/or upon special needs as well as for new building constructions, restructures or enlargements.
The advantages of our system are guaranteed by the optimal demonstrated flexibility, the optimisation of the costs in connection with the results obtained and from the reduction of the time of execution since the pre-built modules allow a simple and fast assembly of the operating theatres in any dimension.
The self carrying structure which is adapted for fixing the panels is available in several covering typologies and is made by:
  • a basic guide fixed on the floor made of zinc stain steel
  • frames size 60x30x2 made of zinc stain steel
  • a guide fixed on the ceiling
The system permits a flexible choice of the place of implantation and of the guides and tubular outlines structurally calculated in function of the load that it should support and fixed on the existing masonry through register stirrups and expansion dowels.
The self carrying structure is realized in standard modality and it is possible to differentiate the typology of the covering panels.
The range of the brush-works comprises the following types:
type 1) - panels in painted stainless steel
type 2) - panels in plastic rolled steel
type 3) - panels in stainless steel
type 4) - panels in porcellainized steel
type 5) - panels in polymer PRAL or CORIAN
The watertight doors for controlled atmospheres can be realized in extruded of anodized aluminium and shutters in laminated stainless steel or windows and are available in sliding type or in swing type with one or two wings, with manual movement or motorized movement.
The hold is assured from a special profile in compressed rubber from the same door at 45° at the end of the closing phase against crams. 
The covers of the door posts are made in inox stainless steel sheet 10/10 AISI 304 with superficial finish as demanded by the customer.
The intrados stretches out of 10 mm from the wall, it covers 70 mm of wall and is fixed with silicones of structural type on fake chassis in galvanized steel necessary in order to bring the light holes at measure. Once finished the intrados there are no holes and/or any possible pockets
The doors can be of two types:
  • doors in stainless steel: the stainless steel shells are closed on a perimetral chassis on treated wood with high density polyurethane foam. The brackets of superimposition are found along mounting and they are covered with shockproof rubbers.
  • Panel doors: with a thickness of 50 mm, squared with heartwood with upper and inner lists with waterproof painting. All the sides are protected with extruded of aluminium that wraps the panel. The insulation is obtained with a thickness of polystyrene of high density, plated with MDF panels with thickness of 5 mm and finished with laminated of thickness 0,9 mm.
  • Air resumptions
  • Control panel
  • Clock
  • Negatoscope
  • Catgutttiera
  • Medical gas sockets & electrical sockets
  • Module equipped with anaesthetist gas
  • Module equipped with surgeon gas sockets
  • Module equipped with electrical anaesthetist sockets
  • Module equipped with electrical surgeon sockets
  • Pass-through window
  • Pass-through interlock cabinets
  • Cabinets for operating thetres